KkCo is an unconventional apparel brand that is more about the individuals and the culture that it represents than just the clothing. We are focused on building and supporting a creative community.

KkCo is our uniform.

The brand is an exploration of juxtaposition and unexpected details. Artfully weaving between masculine and feminine, sport and special occasion, function and form, KkCo occupies the space between. Reveling in the fluid complexities of style, each individual piece is designed with versatility in mind.

We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our design and product. We have chosen to develop and produce both in-house and locally in Los Angeles, which allows us to oversee all aspects of the process, ensuring the end product is something we are all proud of. With production done locally, we are able to produce in lower limited quantities, avoiding mass production, resulting in minimal wastage. 

We want to offer quality pieces that will last years but at an approachable price point. Offering KkCo directly to you means we don't build in a wholesale margin. The prices you see on our site are what wholesalers would typically buy the collection at, then mark it up 2.5x to sell to you. We're cutting out the middle man to bring you an affordable designer brand.




KkCo Studio

We strongly believe in the power of community. We've decided to share our studio with like-minded creatives in the effort to build a community that is empowered to create and share services. KkCo Studio is a space for everyone to work, create, and support. We are building a community that can cross-pollinate ideas across various industries. 



(the second k is silent)